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About TFDA
Taiwan Floriculture Development Association (TFDA) is a not-for-profit organization that is to advance the expansion of flower industry in Taiwan. Several government departments and enthusiastic florists established TFDA in May 4, 1971. The major function of TFDA is to promote Taiwan Flower Industry and supply the information of the international flower market in hence to have the corporation of flower production and marketing, in the mean while providing the international market & production technical information to fulfil the diversified demand of consumer market.Then, through the flower popularization activity, which is also, organize by TFDA to promote and work for a stronger & better floral industry.

  •  To construct flower planned production system for supporting the demand of consumer market.
  •  To develop new variety for opening up the international flower trades business.
  •  To collect, compile, and edit all the information related to floriculture for proving the production and trading technique.
  •  To conduct all kinds of flower exhibition, competition, and conference for promoting the rising and flourishing development of flower industry in Taiwan.